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Gable Vents: Standard and Custom Sizes

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All our vents include insect screens!

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Triangle Gable Vent

Triangle Gable Vent

Rectangle Gable Vent

Rectangle Gable Vent

Square Gable Vent

Square Gable Vent

Horizontal Rectangle Gable Vent

Horizontal Rectangle Gable Vent

Octagon Gable Vent

Octagon Gable Vent

Elongated Octagon Gable Vent

Elongated Octagon Gable Vent

Round Gable Vent

Round Gable Vent

Round Top Gable Vent

Round Top Gable Vent

Tombstone Gable Vent

Half Round Gable Vent

Half Round Gable Vent

Wagon Wheel Gable Vent

Wagon Wheel Gable Vent

Quarter Round Gable Vent

Quarter Round Gable Vent

Hexagon Gable Vents

Hexagon Gable Vent

Diamond Gable Vent

Diamond Gable Vent

Foundation Vent

Foundation Vent

Crawl Space Vent

American Flag Gable Vent

American Flag Gable Vent

Address Mounting Blocks

Address Mounting Blocks

Gable Vent Specials



Diamond Plate Gable Vent

This would look great on a workshop, garage, shed etc!
Or maybe on a compressor room that needs to be vented.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to order!


Understanding Attic Ventilation

Attic Vent Calculation

Roof Pitch Calculation

Buyers Guide

Pest Problems

Wind Driven Rain

Brick Extensions

Hinged Gable Vents

Vents Over 8 ft
Mounting Flange Options

Custom Cuts

French Door

American Flag

Triangle With Spokes

Copper Color


Attic ventilation works in two ways. Removing attic heat during hot weather and removing moisture during cold weather. The purpose of gable vents is to provide an
escape route for hot and humid air that can accumulate in the attic.

The way this works is by pulling outside air in through soffit vents (intake) while pushing warm moist air out through gable vents (exhaust). This allows your attic to breathe.

Gable vents, sometimes called gable vent covers or attic vent covers, and soffit vents work together as a system to allow air to move freely through your attic.

What if I don't have soffit vents?  Not a problem. More on that later.

Attic Ventilation Diagram


In the summer, without proper attic ventilation heat will pour back down into the living space.
Excessive attic heat can cause early deterioration of asphalt shingles.

Removing the heat before it can transfer to the house will make your home more comfortable. Better yet it will improve the energy efficiency of the house and reduce cooling costs!

During the winter not enough ventilation can be problematic.
Water vapor rises from living space into the attic and then condenses causing moisture buildup.

Condensation in the attic can cause mold, mildew and if left long enough structural damage or form ice dams.

Having the right amount of ventilation is crucial for condensation/moisture removal.
Some roofing manufactures have specified ventilation requirements to meet the warranties of the roofing materials.

How much ventilation do I need? Here is the exact way to find the right size gable/attic vent for your home.


The Uniform Building Code (UBC) specifies the net free ventilation area required for attics.
Some jurisdictions may have more stringent codes in place. Be sure to check with your local
building officials to determine your requirements.

Uniform Building Code

Once the required Net Free Area has been calculated use our NFA Chart (Net Free Area) to determine the correct quantity and size gable vents for your attic.

Depending on what shape vent you choose (triangle), you might need to know your roof pitch.
If you aren't sure what your roof pitch is here is the process for that.
(Note: please call if you are in need of assistance.)


The roof pitch is the number of inches the roof rises vertically (the rise) for every 12 inches the roof spans horizontally (the run). The pitch is the rise over the run.

As shown the the diagram below the pitch can be determined using tape measure, a level and a pencil.
The measurements can be taken outside under the overhang of the gable end or inside the attic at the gable end.

Calculating Roof Pitch


  • Increased airflow. Vinyl vents typically only vent through a small portion of the unit.
    Our aluminum units are fully vented.

    Our Gable Vent Air Flow
  • Aluminum will always outlast vinyl or wood. Vinyl is susceptible to sun rot and will become brittle over time.
    Is it possible to paint vinyl to help with protection from the sun?
    Generally no. Vinyl does not hold paint well.
                                                             Why you should not paint vinyl gable vents
  • Wood is susceptible to weathering and will deteriorate without constant maintenance/painting.
    Our aluminum vents will not rot with the weather and are totally maintenance free!
  • American Louver And Vent Company aluminum vents come pre-finished with a baked enamel.
    The vents will never need repainting.
  • Woodpeckers love wood AND vinyl vents and can damage them beyond repair in no time.
    Woodpeckers do not like aluminum vents and will leave them alone!

Buyers Guide

Note: Not finding exactly what you're looking for? We manufacture ANY custom shape, size, flange or color.

  1. Pick a shape.
    We have many shapes to choose from. Our most popular: Triangle, Rectangle and Octagon.
  2. Pick a size
    Choosing a size will depend on two things. Are you looking for a specific Net Free Area (NFA) and/or the right size to beautifully accent your home.
  3. Choose a mounting flange
    We offer four main flange types: Standard Nailing Flange, Outside Nailing Flange, J-Channel and None. Click Here for more information on mounting options.
  4. Choose a color
    Here at American Louver And Vent Company we offer the best selection of 100+ colors to choose from.
    If you are looking to match a specific color on your project we are happy to work with our customers to find what you are looking for.
  5. You're all set!
    Once your order is placed you will receive an order conformation the same day!
    (Orders placed after business hours will receive conformation the following business day.)
If what you need is not one of our standard vents give us a call at (855) 468-8368 or shoot us an email

Specific Vent Requirements

  • Pest Problems

    Squirrel & Raccoon problems - We offer a pest resistant gable vent design. Our "Pest Control Vents" are made with a heavier grade aluminum and come with a heavy, stronger wire mesh on the back. Our Pest Control Vents are in use across the U.S. with ZERO reports of a critter breaching our improved design.

    A note from a customer about our Pest Control Vents:
    "Good day, I placed order #***** last June 28, 2022 for two rectangular 8"w x 10"h vents for a shed that had been ravaged by wildlife and insects. In July, the installing contractor was truly amazed when he saw the quality of the units I had purchased and how well they fit in the existing openings. I wanted to let you know how well your product has worked out nine months later.  I've had NO animal incursions, or attempts, for that matter. Thanks to Bob and Cari for ordering assistance and prompt turnaround."
  • Wind Driven Rain

    We have a louver designed for use in areas prone to wind driven rain and snow, to stop the penetration of wind driven precipitation. We can manufacture any product with our "Rain Louvers". Our Rain Louvers look the same as our standard vents once installed. The differences between the 2 types of vents is all internal. Our Rain Louvers have been used in hurricanes with great reviews.

    Here's what a customer had to say about our Rain Louvers:

    "If you'll remember, I chose to order Gable Vents from you because you told me that you manufacture wind and rain resistant gable vents. I installed them last summer, and haven't had a problem with them since. Then came hurricane Irene and the path of the eye of the storm was projected to pass within one quarter of a mile from our house. The full fury came at 2AM on Sunday, August 28th. When it finally blew out, I reluctantly pulled down the attic stairs and was apprehensive as to what I would find. Our house is a small ranch, so a lot of "stuff" is stored in the attic. Lo and behold, there was no trace of any water incursion or wind damage. I needed to tell you this because I want you to know how impressed I am to have done business with you. A phone conversation lead me to believe your capabilities and put my trust in you. What a great experience!
    Thank you."

    George - Forked River, New Jersey

If a flush appearance is preferred over a recessed appearance. We can install extensions on the back of any gable vent to bring the face of the vent out to the front of the brick/rock.
Brick Extension
  • Attic Access

Any rectangle, square or octagon gable vent can be hinged for accessing your attic. Our hinged gable vents will arrive as a complete unit (much like a pre-hung door). This makes installation no different than our standard vents. In short they are very easy to install. All attic access vents come with a Sash Lock. Optional keyed hasp lock available. We also manufacture hinged foundation vents in any size for accessing crawl spaces.

Need oversized vents? We can produce any size vent. Here is a 36' triangle we manufactured:

Large Triangle Gable Vent

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a gable vent?
    A gable vent is a type of vent that is installed in the gable, which is the triangular portion of a wall that is located at the end of a pitched roof. It is used to allow air to flow in and out of the attic or other enclosed space to help regulate temperature, reduce moisture buildup, and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Do your gable vents include screens?
    Yes. All our products come with insect screens on the back.
  • Should I block off my gable vents in the winter?
    No! Blocking off vents in the winter will cause condensation to build up in the attic leading to severe problems such as mold, mildew and rot.
  • Can gable vents be added without removing the siding?
    Yes! We have developed a system to add vents without having to remove the siding while maintaining a water tight installation.
  • Where should gable vents be placed?
    They should be placed as high as possible in the gable end. The closer the vents are to the peak of the gable the more efficient they become.
  • Can I order vents that are for decoration only?
    Yes! We can manufacture any of our products non-functional/faux to be use as decorative only vents.
  • Can I order custom vents?
    Yes! We can manufacture any size/shape vent. You can call us toll free or you can send us an email with your request. Contact Us
  • What are your vents made out of ?
    Our vents are aluminum with a baked enamel finish.
  • Do you have submittal information you could send me?
    Yes! We can provide cut sheets, drawings and specs for any standard or custom vent for approval.
  • Can I have vents shipped to Canada?
    Yes! We ship to Canada every week.
  • We have ordered from you in the past. Would you have a record of my order?
    Yes. We can look up previous orders by order name, order number or invoice number.
  • Can I pick up my order to save on the shipping costs?
    Yes! We offer local pick up for all orders.

Unique Vents

Sunburst Gable Vent Examples
Sunburst vents can be manufactured in any color combination and can be functional (venting) or non-functional (decorative).

Our Exclusive American Flag Gable Vent
Our exclusive American Flag Gable Vent is available in 2 sizes!
Triangle Gable Vent With Optional Spokes
Triangle vent with optional spokes. Adding spokes can completely change the look of the vent.
Hinged Rectangle With Double Doors
Hinged with French doors. More Hinged Gable Vent examples.

Gable Vents With Custom Cut Outs Custom cuts- Sometimes a vent will butt up to a chimney. Or say a beam/pipe protrudes out from the gable, maybe you even have two gables that intersect. Whatever the situation we at American Louver And Vent Co. will help you design and fabricate any shape or notch to fit your venting area.

Coppertone Triangle Vent
Coppertone Gable Vents
A beautiful, inexpensive alternative to copper.
Designer Copper gable vent
Designer Copper Gable Vents
Another inexpensive alternative to copper. Our Designer Copper looks like aged copper.


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