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Octagon Gable Vent

Standard Sizes

18", ogv1818 - $87.95

22", ogv2222 - $108.95

 24", ogv2424 - $129.95

 26", ogv2626 - $151.95

30", ogv3030 - $199.95

36", ogv3636 - $285.95

48", ogv4848 - $497.95

If you need custom dimensions

CONTACT US we CAN make it!

Octagon Gable Vent

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The Octagon

The Octagon gable vent is a good, safe choice when adding ventilation that will look great with any project. They bring a little something extra in comparison to the standard rectangle without being too busy. Our aluminum octagon gable vents come in 7 different standard sizes. If you need a size that you don't see let us know and we can fabricate any dimension.

Completely Customizable

As with all of our products, our octagon gable vents are made to order and custom-built. You can choose everything from the dimensions (including the depth), any of our 100+ colors, and which installation flange you need. Because our aluminum has a baked on enamel finish you don't have to worry about painting these yourself. The finish is completely maintenance free.

Gable Vent tips about ordering

    * A variety of color choices enable us to match octagon gable vents to any project. Click to see COLORS   
    * CONTACT US for your special order needs.

We usually manufacture AND ship out in 4 business days or less!

Proudly Made In The USA

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