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Triangle Gable Vent

Our best seller!

Triangle Gable End Vent - Triangle Gable Louvers - Triangle Attic Vent - Triangle Attic Louvers

Aluminum triangular gable vents are an excellent choice for attic ventilation. 

We also do right triangle gable vents (half triangle gable vents) and custom triangle gable vents for applications where a standard triangle will not fit. Such as next to a chimney etc. Custom Triangle Gable Vent

Triangle attic vents can be installed at the peak of the gable making them extremely efficient in moving air. We can manufacture triangle gable louvers in any size and pitch.
Check out our great selection of colors!


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Triangle Gable Vent
We Also Do Custom Triangle Gable Vents!

Need a size or color that is not listed?  

CONTACT US We CAN make it!

Large Triangle Gable Vent
4/12 pitch, 48 inch base, 8 inch H, tgv41248 -         $88.95     
4/12 pitch, 72 inch base, 12 inch H, tgv41272 -       $105.95
4/12 pitch, 96 inch base, 16 inch H, tgv41296 -       $197.95
5/12 pitch, 60 inch base, 12.5 inch H, tgv51260 -    $98.95
5/12 pitch, 72 inch base, 15 inch H, tgv51272 -       $118.95
6/12 pitch, 36 inch base, 9 inch H, tgv61236 -         $77.95
6/12 pitch, 48 inch base, 12 inch H, tgv61248 -       $95.95
6/12 pitch, 60 inch base, 15 inch H, tgv61260 -       $121.95
6/12 pitch, 72 inch base, 18 inch H, tgv61272 -       $141.95
7/12 pitch, 48 inch base, 14 inch H, tgv71248 -       $100.95
7/12 pitch, 60 inch base, 17.5 inch H, tgv71260 -    $126.95
7/12 pitch, 72 inch base, 21 inch H, tgv71272 -       $163.95
8/12 pitch 30 inch base, 10 inch H, tgv81230 -        $87.95
8/12 pitch, 48 inch base, 16 inch H, tgv81248 -       $105.95
8/12 pitch, 60 inch base, 20 inch H, tgv81260 -       $130.95
9/12 pitch, 48 inch base, 18 inch H, tgv91248 -       $113.95
9/12 pitch, 60 inch base, 22.5 inch H, tgv91260 -    $146.95 
10/12pitch, 36 inch base, 15 inch H, tgv101236 -    $104.95
10/12pitch, 48 inch base, 20 inch H, tgv101248 -    $120.95
10/12pitch, 60 inch base, 25 inch H, tgv101260 -    $163.95
11/12pitch, 48 inch base, 22 inch H, tgv111248 -    $123.95
11/12pitch, 60 inch base, 27.5 inch H, tgv111260 - $178.95
12/12pitch, 30 inch base, 15 inch H, tgv121230 -    $88.95
12/12 pitch, 48 inch base, 24 inch H, tgv121248 -   $125.95
12/12 pitch, 60 inch base, 30 inch H, tgv121260 -   $195.95

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Shipping Chart

For all international orders, other than Canada,
CONTACT US for shipping charges. 
Some tips about ordering:

    * Each triangle gable vent comes with a standard nailing flange, an outside nailing flange or a J-channel. The vent is installed first and the exterior finish is installed over the standard nailing flange or the J-channel.

  * Use the standard nailing flange model for ease of installation with stucco, brick, rock, stone or fiber cement siding (Hardie Plank). Use J-channel model with vinyl siding, aluminum siding or steel siding. The outside nailing flange (sometimes called a "cut in flange") is used when the exterior finish is already in place and a gable vent is being added or replaced. Occasionally a vent is needed without a nailing flange or a J-channel (such as a retrofit into an existing brick or stone opening). Select "none" for the mounting flange option in these applications.
    * A variety of color choices enable us to match triangle vents to any project. Click to see COLORS   
    * We also do custom orders (sizes, styles and colors) and we do them quickly.

    * CONTACT US for your special order needs.

All our listings are for functional gable end vents. All our gable louvers, including our triangle gable vents and louvers can be made non functional (decorative) as well! Faux/false gable vents can add beauty and style to your dream home. 

We usually manufacture AND ship out in 4 business days or less!   

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